Marketing & Photography: Four Benefits of Scenery

An Introduction: How Connecting Scenic Photographs with Marketing Efforts for Your Brand or Product May Help It Grow

Prelude: Like Music to Your Eyes

Visual music notes for your marketing efforts
The visual music notes of your marketing efforts can make your profits dance for joy with the help of high-quality stock photography.

We live in a sense-oriented culture.  That is something that every marketing campaign must account for (and, let’s face it, the need for marketing is everywhere, even when it doesn’t involve money).  Nearly every experience we’ve had and every memory we’ve retained involved some of the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.  Generally, sight is the most precious sense. Continue reading Marketing & Photography: Four Benefits of Scenery

What are ProMo-Peace Pix?

  • Pro means “for” or “in favor of” and also “professional.”
  • Mo means “more” and “Missouri.”
  • Promo is short for “promotional.”
  • Peace is a state of calmness and a state of agreement or harmony.
  • Pix is an alternative spelling of “pics,” which is the plural of “pic,” which is short for “picture.”

I call the landscapes, nature scenes, skyscapes, skylines, and still-lifes that I photograph “ProMo-Peace Pix” because I am in favor of more peace for all those who will see my work and because I am a professional in Missouri willing to make most of my captures available for promotional (commercial, advertising, corporate, or editorial) use through a negotiated stock photography license for businesses, organizations, marketing professionals, and publications, particularly when their aims are conducive to peace.

If you want prints for decor (for a room or space) or wall art, I want you to see that place at its most peaceful. And if you need scenery for promotional purposes, I want you to present your product at its most peaceful. Peace increases from here!

Quality you can see

For stock photography, image quality is crucial.  Although the resolution of the watermarked images in The Museum of Spiritual Light is small, you can be assured that I have closely inspected these photos for sharpness; if you license a ProMo-Peace Pic to use in your project, you will receive a file with an image of high quality.

ProMo-Peace Pix are generally approximately 10 megapixels (about 3888 by 2592 pixels), and uncropped images should be suitable for smooth publication reproduction without pixelation up to 12.9 inches by 8.6 inches. They should be suitable to cover a billboard 27 feet by 18 feet. And they can cover any website background.

If you are interested in licensing a ProMo-Peace Pic for advertising, corporate, promotional, commercial, or editorial use and desire to “examine it with a magnifying glass” first, you may contact sales with the image’s serial number and your e-mail address, and I will send you a 100-percent crop of the image that will allow you to see the detail.

Look Up for the Ultimate Confidence

Is there a nip of doubt in your bosom?
Look my way and observe how firmly I’m fixed.
Hey, I’m talking to you! My orbs are up here!
This is one time you shall be encouraged to have your head in the clouds.
Your consciousness must be raised. Continue reading Look Up for the Ultimate Confidence